Our Team

Player Documentation

Please review the Parent Manual and complete the Medical Release and Player Registration. Once completed, please upload the documents HERE onto our DropBox to be reviewed by Team Administration.

Once upload is completed and the documents are reviewed, Aiken Atomics administration will email you an invoice with an online payment link to pay your Registration Fee and your Monthly Membership Dues.

Once all these actions are completed, your athlete will be officially registered to the roster. Practice eligibility is determined by paying the Membership Fee each month.

As always, please Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns we can assist with, or email us at AikenAtomics@gmail.com.

Annual Registration Fee

Our Annual Registration Fee is $100 which pays for equipment costs, practice fees, team management, and Athlete Membership Dues for USA Track and Field (USATF). This fee applies to the CALENDAR YEAR, due to the membership structure of USATF.

Also, please contact us to supply a copy of the Athlete's Birth Certificate. This is needed by USATF to be placed in the correct age group.

Monthly Membership Dues

Our Team Membership Dues are $100 a month, or $60 every 2 weeks. You can also pay additional months in advance if you wish.

Parent Manual

Medical Release

Player Registration

Age Divisions

We follow the Age Divisions created by USATF at THIS LINK. Uploading your athletes birth certificate allows us to register them in their specific age division.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns!