Our Coaches

Head Coach & Advanced Skills

Don DeWitt

Don played multiple sports growing up including Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Swimming, and Track and Field.

Don started coaching in 2012 when he was in the Air Force. He started coaching intramural football and volleyball for 15 players, including scheduling, strategy, and team management.

Coaching an existing team evolved into founding a soccer team for his Air Force base that covered an indoor AND an outdoor team and multiple practices a week. The team ranged from 10 people for indoor only up to 45 when outdoor was being offered.

Don started coaching Track and Field in 2018 as the Head Varsity Coach and the Assistant Middle School Coach for Mead Hall in Aiken, SC. He very quickly found his calling in providing extremely dedicated and motivated sprinting and long jump training focused on the individual and their future goals.

Don is currently a multi-sport coach at South Aiken Baptist School and a certified Volleyball Official (referee) in South Carolina.

Don's goals for Aiken Atomics are to:

  • Create a Track and Field culture in Aiken, SC

  • Create increased opportunity for local kids to go to College

  • Create a desire to run in Aiken, SC

Youth Coach

Chelsea DeWitt

Chelsea grew up in a sports family as her parents were heavily involved in their local Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading club where she participated as a cheerleader for 8 years. She moved onto playing High School and Club Volleyball.

This childhood experience evolved into coaching High School and Club Volleyball. As her experience progressed, she began facilitating adult leagues and assisting in scheduling, coordination, and communication.

Chelsea became a mother in 2015 when her daughter was born followed by her son in 2018. After some time as a stay at home mom, coaching came calling again and she started coaching volleyball at Mead Hall in 2017 and 2018 before God called her to be the Athletic Director at South Aiken Baptist School. As the Athletic Director, she has a focus on all sports, but Track has had a special calling as it enables skills for all sports, stamina, endurance, and strength.

Chelsea's goals for Aiken Atomics are to:

  • Create a safe and fun environment for kids to learn about, and experience, running.

  • Help children develop healthy sportsmanship and a team-focused attitude through team bonding exercises.

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